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January 11, 2019

Office Home

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Office Home & Student 2016

Softs Office 2016 Suite for Windows keeps the company’s bread and oil product when it comes to revenue, although it deviates from the platform’s approach set for Windows. This has led to the release of office for Android and IOS for Windows Phone, and Mac for Windows, as is the case with Office 2016.

(function () {(“View-application-page-desktop”);}); All these little changes

After you have gone through the installation process, you will have the latest versions of Microsoft from Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, project, Publisher, Visio, and Word all installed. It is important to note that these programs are not available separately and should be downloaded as a package. If you like the previous version of the program, it should be noted that you will not be able to run Office 2013 side by side with 2016, so in a working machine this may be worth considering.

One important difference you’ll see is that Lync is now Skype for business.

At first glance, the words look and feel quite similar to version 2013, although the more colorful touch with the blue word head tiling interface tape. The icons are sorted in a slightly different way, but the main options remain the same.

The biggest visible addition is the Tell me field, which is more of the Help menu that you can search for. For example, type comments and suggest the Insert Comment feature, but instead of telling you how to insert a comment, it will do it automatically. This feature can also be found in Excel and PowerPoint.

The second major addition is editing real-time documents, which means you see exactly what other people working on the document are doing on the screen. This feature is now available for Office online.

Other new Word features include a store where you can download apps for Microsoft Word, and save options as a simple location, and email addresses are added to cloud accounts such as OneDrive to avoid confusing local Options.

Upgrades behind the scenes

Excel has a slightly simplifiedmenu, but the interface is basically the same as the previous version. While you may not be able to see surface changes, those who use Excel to work with a lot of data will be glad to hear that Microsoft has improved its business intelligence (BI) functionality.

The company has integrated some of its BI-ins that were only available separately in previous versions of Office. These add-ons include the energy application that allows business users to provide relevant surface data without its entry (known as Self-Service BI); and Power View, which allows users to easily create messages for data that have appeared. There is also a variety of new graphics and graphics to choose from, including TreeMap, solar blast, waterfall, Box & whisky, and Histogram &.

A new addition is the link to OneDrive, so you can add a file directly from your cloud storage.

There are several changes that Microsoft has made that are not visible to the eye, but it will help you protect your data from entering the wrong hands, as well as enhancements to accessibility, and mejoraspara IT managers who are looking to apply the Suite.

Always changes

In general, changes to Office 2016 for Windows are less important and, besides the useful feature that they tell me, will not be visible to a casual user. With regard to the capabilities of BI, Microsoft is making steps forward for Power users.


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