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January 2, 2019

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Microsoft Outlook 2013

If you think Microsoft Outlook 2013 is going to get some new dramatic features and upgrades like other applications in Office 2013 Suite, you’ll be confused. For the most part, Microsoft Outlook 2013 remains the same as version 2010. This is what changed:

The entire application has a flattened look that goes with the Windows 8 design language. The whole program is monochrome, contains many white-gray with occasional blue accents. For me, this color scheme makes it difficult to distinguish specific elements from an interface. There are no more icons and all the text is difficult. In the lower part you will find sections on mail, calendar, people, tasks and more. The buttons and icons have gone, giving the path to the minimalist text (function () {(“Preview-App-Page-Desktop”);});

There is a touch mode in Microsoft Outlook 2013, which brings the same menu that you do in other applications in Office 2013. There is a bar with frequently used commands such as reply, delete, move, flag, and bookmark. This is great and give Microsoft Outlook 2013 a good tactile experience.

You can now compress to extend the calendar to switch between day, week and month views. If you are in a different part of Microsoft Outlook 2013 In addition to your calendar, you can now hover over the Calendar section to set up calendars and pop-up tasks for the day. The calendar will also display weather information for the locale.

Microsoft Lync is still fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2013, so you can view the status of your partners and start an audio or video call directly from Microsoft Outlook 2013.

While the Mail view is a little hard to read due to monochrome color schemes, the view of people with Microsoft Outlook 2013 has improved dramatically. Now your contacts will isolate the information from your network sources, like Facebook and LinkedIn, if those services are associated to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 will connect duplicate contacts by creating a single contact card with consolidated information. If a contact contains an image, the image appears as a thumbnail next to the contact. It’s wonderful that Microsoft did not include this in Microsoft Outlook 2013 Mail View, which would help differentiate visually between different emails.

Even more confusing is the lack of message threads in Microsoft Outlook 2013. You will still have to pursue the previous emails of the conversation. Oddly, Microsoft’s own mail application on Windows 8 and Windows RT includes message threads.

Another annoying change is the information in Microsoft Outlook 2013. There is no way to remove them all in bulk, so it will close a lot of entries if Microsoft Outlook 2013 returns to be online. Microsoft also got rid of the ability to act in the information email, which is a very useful feature.

If you didn’t like Outlook 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2013 won’t win you. Although there are some new useful features, it is a soft interface and the missing features make Office 2013 feel like an electronic obsoletoCliente email.


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